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There is a different, specialized approach to every demolition project.  At ProGreen, we stay ahead of our competition by identifying the project’s unique requirements and selecting the right machine to ensure the work is done safely and efficiently.

Several pieces of our equipment have been customized to meet these unique challenges. We have large high reach equipment that has the capability to reach some very high and awkward areas. Most recently, we added the largest excavator to our fleet - it boasts a reach of 167'. Our smaller machines get into those tight spots and if a project has some tricky or confined spaces we have robotic equipment to get the job done.

Our large fleet of company owned equipment is professionally maintained helping to keep our projects on schedule and on budget.



ProGreen Demolition Ltd. utilizes the most advanced technology available to the demolition industry – Robotics.

During complex demolition projects, using our robotic demolition equipment is often a safer and more economical alternative to using larger equipment or hand demolition. The powerful robotic equipment is compact in size and is operated by remote control enabling it to reach areas within a facility that are not accessible by larger equipment, pose an environmental hazard or simply where using conventional demolition methods are impractical.

Robotic equipment can help increase safety and reduce the time required to complete the work.