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  Demolition RemediationHazardous Materials AbatementInvestment Recovery  

ProGreen’s remediation specialists can provide clients with various remediation options for the removal and disposal of contaminated soil.

Often, contaminated soil became contaminated due to the previous use of the site, but can also be a result of an accidental spill. We will come on the site, evaluate the appropriate type of remediation required, excavate, transport and dispose of the material in the most cost effective and safe manner available.

Whether the site is a traditional dig and remove project or requires underpinning and shoring procedures, ProGreen has the experience, knowledge and equipment to quickly solve any soil issues to bring your property back to a safe and usable site.

  • Soil Remediation
  • Site Characterization
  • Above Ground / Below Ground Storage Tanks
  • Hazardous Material and Waste Removal
  • Underground Tank and Liquid Disposal
  • Underpinning & Shoring