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Located in a high traffic location in the heart of downtown Toronto, this project involved a hazardous materials abatement program followed by the structural and complete demolition of a 17 storey office tower.  

Abatement was required throughout the entire facility and encompassed Type I, II, III and glove bag removals of various designated substances (asbestos, PCBs, mercury etc.).  Once our HazMat team completed the abatement work, demolition began with the interior stripping of all floors.

This was followed by the manual demolition using climber platforms to lower the building down floor by floor to a level where were safely able to use high reach equipment to demolish the remaining structure including footings and foundations. Several areas of the building had some historical importance, so working with a restoration contractor we carefully dismantled various elements which will be reused in the construction of the new building. To maintain a very aggressive timeline some shifts on evenings and weekends took place.

This was a LEED project and demolition was completed according to a MOE Waste Reduction Plan and Audit.